Thank you for your interest in One by One Custom Rods. As our name suggests, we build them one at a time to your exact specifications. No two rods are exactly alike. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand the customer's needs and deliver a product that meets them. Your custom fishing rod will be unlike any factory produced commercial rod and will catch the eye of any discriminating angler.

There is no order form or catalog to choose from. When you talk to us you are talking to the guys who will be crafting your fishing rod. You will take pride in owning a One by One Custom Rod but most important you will fish better with it too.

Paul, Chas, John


The One by One Experience

Considering a custom build fishing rod?

Do you find yourself asking these questions:

Should I consider a custom fishing rod?

Do I want to rely on quality and performance out on the water?

Would I like my rod to be built specifically for me and my style of fishing?

Would I enjoy being able to make decisions about my equipment?

Do I want to take advantage of the latest technology and components?

Do I want to ask questions and get the real answers about my investment?

If you answered yes to many of these questions then a custom One by One rod is right for you, and we hope that you trust us to build your custom fishing rod. Our goal is to improve the angling experience for our customers and provide them with something they are proud to own!

First we talk to you... imagine that!!

We want to know everything about you and hear a few of your fish stories too. This helps us understand what you need. Everything you need and want is taken into consideration. We are looking for what species you fish for and what techniques you use. Where do you fish? What do you like about your existing equipment? What don't you like? This is our starting point for your rod.

Then we dive deeper...

We will then make some component suggestions for your rod and explain them to you. You select the color, design and materials that you prefer. Our knowledge as rod builders is shared throughout the process. We will try to encourage a design that will optimize performance. This may sometimes look different than what you will see in sporting catalogs and may take some anglers out of their comfort zone. We want you to be educated and astounded by the level of performance possible when you fish with a One by One Custom Rod.

Then we build it!

This is where we really stand apart from factory produced rods. We utilize the latest techniques that result in a higher performing rod. The overall fit and finis will be noticeably better. You will see that there is an effort to reduce weight where it really matters. You will see unique components and a custom dressings. Feel the difference that a hand turned grip makes. Notice the casting that perfectly placed guides will offer. Imagine the experience!