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There is no order form or catalog to choose from. When you talk to us you are talking to the guys who will be crafting your fishing rod. You will take pride in owning a One by One Custom Rod but most important you will fish better with it too.

Paul, Chas, John

Friday, March 26, 2010

The build continues

Here are some more pics showing the handle getting shaped. reamed and mounted. 

Here is the completed guide wrap.

Now it is safe to take the tape off.

Starting the guide wrap.

Dropping in the glue for the tip top.

Here is a comparison of a factory rod handle side by side with our custom handle. This is on a high quality rod that retails for about $150. Obviously the design element is different but what really stands out is the quality of the cork. Notice the excessive pitts in the factort rod. This is the lowest grade of cork we use on any of our rods.

The completed handle assembly.

Here is a pic of the reamimng process getting started.

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